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February 06, 2019

The BC Coastal Soccer League has received many questions regarding field cancellations and end of season timelines from clubs and teams, so we wish to provide answers to FAQ’s as we complete the winter season.

Are the fields open for my game?

The BCCSL doesn’t decide on closing fields, this is done at the city and club level so everyone should be checking with their clubs.  All clubs have processes and channels for communicating field closures either through email, website or social media.

When is the season over?

The BCCSL has a calendar feature on its website where all the play weekends are listed:  https://www.bccoastalsoccerleague.com/calendar

Specifically, the Metro division finishes on the March 9-10 weekend.  The U11/U12 divisions finish on the March 2-3 weekend, however any make up games could be played on the March 9-10 weekend with the agreement of both teams.

The U13-U18 League Championship groups (Divisions 1/2/3) finish round robin play on the February 22-24 weekend.

When and where are the Championship Finals for the U13-U18 groups?

The League Championship finals take place on the March 2-3 weekend, where the top two teams in each group will play for the League Cup.  We have secured Burnaby Lake West, Newton Athletic Park, and a few fields in Richmond for the Division 1/2 groups to play neutral site games.  The Division 3 groups will play at the field of the top seeded team.  

In Division 3 groups, if the top seeded team can't provide a field by February 26 @ 5pm to the league, the second placed team will have the option to provide a field.  All schedules will be posted ASAP, but is always subsequent to score reporting in a timely manner by the home teams in all games.

If all our games don’t get played, what happens?

The league has implemented a points per game (PPG) process for all groups that have an uneven number of games played.  For example, if a division has some teams that played 3 games and some that played 4 games, the standings will be determined using the PPG process.  For divisions where the same number of games are played by all teams, the usual total points calculation will be used.

There is also a tie-breaker formula in place for breaking ties in the standings at the end of league and cup play.

Do not assume that games played are forfeits, or record any scores for games not played.  Only the league can determine if a game is indeed a forfeit.

What do we do if our game gets cancelled?

All clubs should notify their district schedulers of games not played due to field closures or weather issues. District schedulers will communicate to the BCCSL scheduler with any cancellations, and to plan future rescheduled dates. 

What if my fields are open but my opponent can’t play due to weather or travel concerns?

We have had some situations where fields may be open, but there may be highway or weather warnings in other areas.  An example of this would be a lower mainland club having a field available, but a team from the Sea to Sky corridor (Squamish/Whistler) or Fraser Valley (Abbotsford/Chilliwack) might have poor driving or highway issues due to the winter weather that might not be prevalent at the field location.  In this case, the game should be considered not played and planned as a reschedule for a new date.  The league will not force a team to travel if there are highway or weather issues.

Should we be playing on Family Day Weekend?

While this isn’t an official scheduled weekend for play or make up games, both teams should look to make up their games whenever possible.  If both teams agree, they can play on Family Day weekend.

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