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BCCSL - Schedule and Admin Updates

August 16, 2018

Despite the enormous task of grouping, pairing and then scheduling almost 1400 teams, the BCCSL is pleased to provide an update on the progress and timelines for its full schedule release and other updates regarding the forthcoming season.  


This is a basic guide outlining many of the in-season processes for teams/clubs/districts.  It is meant to accompany, and will reference, the BCCSL rules document which can be found on this website under "Resources / Documents".

Here is the link to the BCCSL Admin handbook.


Metro Schedules were posted on August 1.


August 27 is the revised schedule release date for all Division 1 and 2 teams.

August 31 is the revised schedule release date for all Division 3 teams. Also note, Division 3 was previously agreed by the BCCSL board to start one week later than other divisions, so it will start on the Sept 15/16 weekend.


All teams are required to have rosters entered in GotSoccer. This is NOT related to district registration or use of district player data. This is required so that we can track the discipline for 20,000+ players, and will also populate on the game sheets. By now, all teams should have their contacts (Coach and/or Manager) added into GotSoccer with a valid email address.  Team rosters will not be publicly visible.


GotSoccer has game sheets (called ‘cards’ in their system) and we will be requiring teams to use these this season. These will be populated with both teams’ rosters, all game info such as game# and PIN# for score and referee discipline reporting, and space for officials to record cards and scores. The HOME team will print and bring copies to the game for the referee and visitors.

The HOME team will also report all game scores, and this process is in the admin handbook.


All team contacts will be sent log-in access on August 24 for adding rosters (unless you are a club that uses GotSoccer for registration which populates your rosters), printing game sheets, and viewing your player’s discipline records.


This year, referees will NOT report discipline in the BC Soccer system. They will instead report discipline directly in the GotSoccer system. More info is in the handbook.  

The BCCSL does not set referee fees, but there will be a MAXIMUM amount allowed to be paid for BCCSL games and this will also be in the handbook.


We look forward to launching the 2018-19 season!


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