January & February U11 - U18 schedules released - click here for more info.

BCCSL releases schedules for January and February

December 27, 2018

The BC Coastal Soccer League releases its schedules for the January/February period

The U13-U18 metro divisions, and the U11-U12 age groups, all play their extended league schedule through to the end of season. There was some slight re-tiering in a few U11-U12 divisions based on results since the previous October re-tiering break.

All U13-U18 Division 1/2/3 groups now enter the League Cup Championship phase where groups have been created from the previous standings and placed into playoff groups.

The schedules for all playoff groups can be found here: http://events.gotsport.com/events/Default.aspx?EventID=71202

The League Cup Championship format is 5 weeks of round robin play, followed by a Cup Final for the top 2 teams from their group’s standings after round robin play.

Round robin games can finish in a tie with no extra time or penalty kicks played. The Cup Final game, if tied at the end of regulation, will proceed directly to penalty kicks. The League Cup Championship final games will be played at neutral venues, TBA.

A tie-break formula is in place for the League Cup Championship groups, if required:

  1. Winner of the final game
  2. If weather prevents the League Championship Finals games to be played, the winner will be declared based on most points accrued in the LC phase of play. If the teams played a different number of games, the team with the highest average points per game in the division will be determined to be the LC champion
  3. Should teams have the same average points per game, head to head results, in LC play only, will be the first tie-breaker
  4. If there are no head to head games or the total points between the teams is level goal difference will be looked at next
  5. Then most goals scored (based on average per game if necessary) if goal difference is the same
  6. If all these are the same, a coin toss will break the tie.

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