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BCCSL Important Updates

September 22, 2018

As the 2018-19 season is well underway, The BC Coastal Soccer League wishes to provide important updates regarding operations, and clarifications on some key items.


As outlined in the original league plan and calendar, the BCCSL has allotted the October 27/28 weekend as the break for District Cup and/or make-up games. Just prior to that weekend, and after the first 6 weeks of play, the league will meet with it’s scheduling sub-committee and determine the divisions that require re-tiering. This will be based on results over the 6 weeks of play, and where possible the re-tiering will take into account geography and travel considerations. On October 9, a form will be circulated and posted on the website for clubs to have the option to provide re-tiering requests for consideration by the scheduling sub-committee.


As clubs selected the level of play for their teams, we understand some divisions are ending up slightly lopsided for results over the first few weeks. However, with approximately 650 games every weekend, we simply can’t adjust schedules or move teams into different divisions week to week based on results. To address “blow-outs” relating to scores and the enjoyment of all at the field, the board has agreed that effective for the Sept 28-30 weekend of play and all weekends thereafter, in U13-U18 age groups there is to be no more than a goal difference of 7 reported for all games. This means, if you win a game 8-0 it gets reported as 7-0. If a game result is 10-1, the score would be reported as 8-1. U11 and U12 games still need to be reported as the actual score, and these results do not show publicly but are required internally for the re-tiering considerations which will be more prevalent in these age groups.

Another item the league would like to recommend is that for games that are clearly one-sided (ie: a clear “blow-out” in the works after 15 or 20 minutes of play), both teams simply agree together and with the referee on the win for the team leading, and then simply mix teams and enjoy the rest of the game. Remember, development and enjoyment of the game is always more important than the score and the BCCSL would like to confirm that “running up the score” will not be tolerated.


We understand that this is a new process for all. We also recognize that there will be some learning involved by coaches and clubs to make FRP a key tool to ensure teams and players can maximize their enjoyment and development opportunities in the BCCSL, and to even remain viable with enough numbers on game day.

The BCCSL’s Technical Committee will be reviewing the FRP, and determine if any adjustments are required as the season progresses. Any suggestions from club personnel should be funnelled through club TD’s so they can facilitate this feedback through the right channels.


It has been agreed by the BCCSL board that the forfeit by a team will be recorded as 1-0 for the opponent, and effective immediately, a minimum $250 fine plus possible game and travel costs will be applied to the team that forfeits.

The BCCSL rules clearly lay out very limited options for requesting the re-scheduling of games. On the “forms” page of the website, there is a game change request form and it’s up to the BCCSL Scheduler if published changes can occur.

Forfeits, no-show teams, or games not played for any reason, should be reported to the BCCSL Scheduler by District Schedulers, not directly to the league by teams or clubs.

We’ve had a couple games recently that weren’t even halfway completed due to weather or serious injury. The BCCSL rules reference that a minimum amount of time needs to be played, or games abandoned for these type of reasons need to be reported through District Schedulers as a rescheduled game for a future date. Please ensure you read the rules on this section.


The BCCSL is using the GotSoccer scheduling tool and database for the administration of league operations. The BCCSL board has agreed that GotSoccer’s privacy policy meets its requirements, and BC Soccer has confirmed that the league’s collection of player names and birthdates for age group and player verification for discipline tracking and age group verification is a requirement of the BCCSL, and therefore is required to administer the game. Birthdates are not shown publicly on the website or on printed game sheets.

GotSoccer’s privacy policy can be found here.


A reminder that the BCCSL Admin Handbook has very useful info for teams, clubs and districts to manage their games and may be updated regularly with new content.

The handbook can be found here.


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